What is a Hybrid Vehicle and How Does it Work?

Posted: 8/07/2021
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By now, most of us have heard of and have a rough idea of what a hybrid vehicle is.  We know that it’s a vehicle that uses a combination of petrol and electricity to power the car, but what exactly does that mean?

Toyota is at the forefront of hybrid technology.  It is evolving quickly, is exciting, and best of all, is better for the environment (and your wallet!).  Toyota Hybrid vehicles are easily identified by the blue accents on the decals located on the front and back of the car.  Intelligent technology within the vehicle ensures it is always operating with optimal fuel efficiency, meaning less money spent on fuel and fewer emissions. 

Hybrid vehicles are self sustaining: the battery is both capable of recharging itself and of storing energy for future use, so it does not need to be plugged in.  One of our Used Car Team, Matt, is particularly passionate about Hybrid technology and shares more information in the video below:


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